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Our Vision

Towards Speedy Development by Expeditious and Proper Administration of Justice

Our Mission

Accelerating the Development of the Nation by Ensuring Prompt and Equal Protection of the Law to Every Citizen through providing Infrastructure Services required for Administration of Justice, safeguarding the Independence of Judges and maintaining proper Human Resources Management in the support staffs in Courts.


Judicial Service Commission was established on 04th October, 1947.

Scope of Powers of the Commission

The effect of the amendment was the transfer of the power vested in the Governor to the Judicial Service Commission in the matter of appointments, transfers, dismissal and disciplinary control of Judicial Officers.

The First Members,

Hon. Sir John Curtois Howard K.C., Chief Justice
Hon. Edwin Arthur Lewis Wijeyewardene K.C., Puisne Justice
Hon. Chellappah Nagalingam K.C.. Puisne Justice

The Commission had as its Secretary on 23rdOctober, 1947 Col. E. Mervyn Joseph who was Officer in Class I Grade I of Ceylon Judicial Service at the time of his secondment.

The inaugural meeting

According to the records available at the Office of the Judicial Service Commission, The inaugural meeting has been held in the Chief Justice's Chambers on Tuesday, 25th November, 1947.

Changes made in 1972

The Judicial Service Commission so established continued until 1972 when it was replaced by the Judicial Advisory Board under the provisions of Administration of Justice Law.

Sir Codrington Edmund Carrington 1802
Edmund Henry Lushington 1807
Sir Alexander Johnston 1811
Sir Ambrose Hardinge Giffard 1820
Sir Richard Ottley 1827
Sir Charles Marshall 1833
Sir William Norris 1836
Sir Anthony Oliphant 1838
Sir William Ogle Carr 1854
Sir William Carpenter Rowe 1857
Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy 1860
Sir William Hackett 1877
Sir John Budd Phear 1877
Sir Richard Cayley 1879
Jacobus Petrus de Wet 1882
Sir Bruce Lockhart Burnside 1883
The Rt.Hon.Sir John Winfield Bonser 1893
Sir Charles Peter Layard 1902
Sir Joseph Turner Hutchinson 1906
Sir Alfred George Lascelles 1911
Sir Alexander Wood Renton 1914
Sir Thomas Anton Bertram 1918
Sir Charles Ernest St.John Branch 1926
Sir Stanley Fisher 1926
Sir Phillip James Macdonell 1931
Sir Sydney Solomon Abrahams 1936
Sir John Curtois Howard 1939
Sir Edwin Arthur Lewis Wijeyewardene 1949
Sir Edward George Perera Jayetileke 1950
Sir Allan Edward Percival Rose 1952
Hema Henry Basnayake 1956
Miliani Claude Sansoni 1964
Hugh Norman Gregory Fernando 1966
Gardiye Punchihewage Amaraseela Silva 1973
Victor Tennakoon 1974
Neville Dunbar Mirahawatte Samarakoon 1979
Suppiah Sharvananda 1984
K.A.P.Ranasinghe 1988
H.D.Thambaia 1991
G.P.S. de Silva 1991
Sarath N Silva 1996
Ashoka de Silva 2009
Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake 2011
Mohan Peiris 2013

Name From To
Mr.K.D.De Silva 24.06.1948 30.09.1949
Mr.T.P.P.Goonethilake 01.10.1949 31.05.1953
Mr.Y.Manicavasagar 01.06.1953 01.05.1955
Mr.D.E.Wijeyewardene 02.05.1955 02.06.1958
Mr.S.R.Wijeyatilake 03.06.1958 07.03.1962
Mr.N.A.De S.Wijesekera 08.03.1962 05.05.1964
Mr.N.Edirisinghe 06.05.1964 02.03.1965
Mr.C.E.Jayawardene 03.03.1965 28.09.1966
Mr.D.Wimalarathne 29.09.1966 13.03.1967
Mr.S.Amarasinghe 14.03.1967 31.03.1971
Mr.L.Samaratunga 01.04.1971 21.05.1972

Name From To
22.05.1972 31.03.1974
Mr.D.G.Jayalath 01.04.1974 06.05.1977
Mr.D.S.D.P.R.Senanayake 07.05.1977

Name From To
Mr.A.S.Wijethunga 02.10.1978
Mr.K.L.S.Peiris 13.06.1986
Mr.S.Withanachchi 23.09.1994
Mr.Dhammika Kitulgoda
(1998.01.01 – 1998.02.28 As Acting)
Mr.D.N.Samarakoon (Acting) 15.02.1999
Mr.A.W.A.Salam 01.10.1999 30.06.2002
Mr.P.W.D.C.Jayathilake 01.07.2002 16.07.2009
Mr.D.N.Samarakoon (Acting) 17.07.2009 15.09.2009
Mr. M. P. De Silva (Acting) 15.09.2009 03.12.2009
Mr. M. P. De Silva 04.12.2009 19.07.2010
Mr. R. A. P. W. De Silva (Acting) 20.07.2010 14.10.2010
Mr. R. A. P. W. De Silva 15.10.2010 07.06.2011
Mr. S. N. Gopallawa 08.06.2011 11.04.2012
Mr. H. M. R. M. Thilakaratna (Acting) 17.04.2012 09.05.2012
Mr. H. M. R. M. Thilakaratna 10.05.2012 04.02.2013
Mr. R.M.S.K. Rathnayake (Acting) 05.02.2013

Today the Commission comprises of,

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

Hon.Justice. Mohan Pieris
Chairman of the Judicial Service Commission

Hon.Justice Shiranee Thilakawardena
Judge of the Supreme Court
Member of the Judicial Service Commission

Hon.Justice Sathyaa Hettige
Judge of the Supreme Court
Member of the Judicial Service Commission

Judicial Service at present

The appointing, transfer and disciplinary authority for the officers in the Judicial Service is the Judicial Service Commission.

Provision of support services

The Scheduled Public Service comprising of main support services in courts was established in 1983. The management of this service consisting of 4000 officers is also done by the J.S.C.

The smooth functioning of courts also depends on the efficient performance of this service.

Development of Human Resources

Under the patronage of Legal and Judicial Reforms Project (LJRP) of which the Honourable Chief Justice is the Chairman, a large number of scholarships have been provided for Judges to obtain higher academic qualifications from Universities overseas.

Multi-duty services

The Commission decided to amalgamate the services of Clerks, Stenographers, Typists and Interpreters in Courts to form a multi-duty service in keeping with new trends in deploying human resources.

This improves the efficiency of the service while increasing the versatility of officers.

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